Cloudflare announces new tools and integrations to its serverless platform

The security solutions publisher is launching new offers designed to secure email exchanges. These new proposals should, according to the publisher, allow customers to have a greater degree of control. Users will now be able to create personalized email addresses, manage incoming email routing, and prevent email address spoofing and phishing attacks on outgoing emails, all for free. Cloudflare also announced the ability for its customers to pre-register for access to its advanced email security suite.

Thus, the routing of emails by Cloudflare should offer a greater degree of control over their mail and will allow customers to have a professional service to answer this problem. Routing and anti-phishing functions Cloudflare customers can take advantage of free features for: create personalized email addresses with just a few clicks. Customers will be able to easily and quickly set up custom email addresses for their domain at no additional cost; Easily consolidate multiple email accounts under one unified inbox. Customers will now be able to have an email address linked to a personalized domain whose content is automatically forwarded to their inbox (Gmail or Outlook) with complete discretion. The “ [email protected] ” format will preserve the professional character and consistency of the brand image while retaining the possibility of using any email provider; have information about email security vulnerabilities: Cloudflare will automatically display warnings and recommended actions to users in the event of security vulnerabilities regarding how they have configured the email security DNS service associated with their domain; Secure their domain against phishing attacks and spoofing attempts. Cloudflare will guide website owners through the process of setting up the DNS records needed to ensure their domain is secure. Creating these records prevents malicious actors from impersonating users’ email domains and sending fraudulent messages. Cloudflare announces new tools and integrations on its serverless platform and announces new tools, integrations, and partnerships. The goal is to facilitate the development of applications. Developers will now be able to connect to their existing databases, such as MySQL, MongoDB, Prisma, or Postgres, alongside Cloudflare tools, such as Durable Objects, to store data at the edge and easily access it. Indeed, the promise of serverless computing is to provide developers with the ability to focus on writing code and solving problems for their customers, without having to worry about setting up or maintaining infrastructure. New database connectors. Connecting or migrating databases to serverless solutions is a complex challenge that takes developers time and energy to solve. Resources that the latter can then no longer devote to the development of applications. Cloudflare is now helping developers connect their existing databases to Cloudflare Workers while enabling them to use innovative new technologies in data usage.” As a reminder, CloudflareWorkers is a serverless application platform running on Cloudflare’s global cloud network in more than 200 cities around the world, including Marseille and Paris.
Finally, Cloudflare announced the Database Connectors solution, a series of database connectors, which will allow developers to connect directly to relational databases, including MySQL and PostgreSQL. Developers will be able to use their existing tools while benefiting from the scalability and user experience of Cloudflare Workers

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