What is the container? Top 5 Container Items

The container is a virtual packaging of code to manage and run software or part of it in an agile approach while remaining isolated, regardless of the execution environment. the main player in containers is French, Docker.

What does container mean?
An application and its code are subject to the environments in which they run, with the risks of modification, error, and loss of trust that come with them. This code can be placed in a virtual machine, but it remains subject to the environment (OS) on which the VM is running. With container technology, the code is packaged in an isolated environment, a kind of protected container, which can move quickly through the pipelines of the company and its ecosystem, with all of its components, and without the risk of being diverted.

Among the advantages of this virtualization technology, which has met with enormous success, are the absence of a link between the container and a complete operating system – only the parameters and libraries necessary for the operation of the software are on board -, the lightness of the container, its autonomy from systems, and the guarantee that the software will work wherever it is deployed. The technology has the merit of automating the implementation and configuration of containerized solutions. As well as significantly reducing onboarding, building, testing and running times for applications.

The Docker example
Container technology is not new, it is found for example on the mainframe ancestors. It has been brought up to date by a startup of French origin, Docker, which has designed free software intended to automate the deployment of applications in software containers.

A leader in the movement towards containerization, Docker, developed by Solomon Hykes, is distributed as an open-source project – the technology is also built on open source projects. It is a recent technology that has only been distributed since 2013.

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