DONUT: efficient data localization

DONUT: efficient data localizationHaving a number of copies adapted to the popularity of the data is not enough. It is also necessary to be able to locate the data efficiently. Distributed systems large scale bring together thousands of nodes distributed worldwide. The data is distributed over a logical network according to their identifier. To provide […]

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Operation of GARGAMEL

GARGAMEL: improved performance of replicated databases We approach an approach, Gargamel, which consists in serialize upstream transactions that can lead to conflicts, and parallelizing those which are independent. Our system offers strong transactional guarantees according to the PSI model. Each database replica runs sequentially, and the synchronizations between replicas remain minimal. Our simulations and experiments

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Risk Management

BENEFITS OF RISK MANAGEMENT The implementation of risk management principles and processes is a powerful management tool, provided it is structured and used wisely. And among the benefits that society would derive from implementing the principles and processes of risk management, we can mention:Employee risk awareness:The implementation of risk management principles and processes helps the

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